Women Ministry

All About Eve

Suitable For: All Women

Duration: 2 Day 1 Night Retreat

Description: Women hear so many voices about who they are. We look at Scripture to find anchors for our feminine soul. With teaching, personal reflection and group sharing, you will be urged to consider your sense of identity and mission in life.

Outcome: This increases the bonding, strengthens the women, and in turn the calling in their vocation, family and discipleship of others.

Women of Substance, Conviction and Strength

Suitable For: All Women

Duration: 2 Day 1 Night Retreat or 3 Sessions of 3 hours each

Description: A teaching and reflection journey to facilitate discovery on the story and substance of your life, how God has shaped you with certain convictions to contribute to the world and trained you to have the strength for it.

Outcome: There will be fresh appreciation and increased faith to know God has endowed every woman with a foundation, with convictions that shape our priorities and directions in life, and with resilience and tenacity for what we must undergo and undertake.


Suitable For: Wives of Pastors, Missionaries and Ministry Leaders

Duration: 5 Sessions of 2 hours each

Description: Wives are often told to support their husbands but may not know what this means practically. These sessions will give them a biblical framework to consider their role, the season they are in and what priorities to establish for themselves, their marriage, their household, and their ministry.

Outcome: Wives of leaders will gain a better sense of their calling and be encouraged to exercise a more prayerful and reflective approach to life that will draw out the best in themselves, their spouses and their service for the LORD together.