Leveling One Up

Preparing Leaders to Succeed in New Appointments


Part 1: the 4’C’s vital to the leadership succession in your church.

Part 2: Traits to look out for in helping a leadership succeed.

Part 3: Stay tuned for more…

One of the biggest challenges facing the church today is that of growing a leader.

In our in-depth experience over the last decade, we see a crying need for churches to have a robust system to raise up a new a generation of leaders as the older ones pass the baton.

Our Leadership Tree track is an organic and developmental pathway of resources that groom leaders at every level.

It seeks to help you answer these questions:

  • How can my church have enough Small Group / Ministry Leaders?
  • How can my church have sufficient quality people to groom to be Board / Pastoral Leaders?
  • How can my church have a designate ready to succeed the Senior Pastor?

With intentionality and focus, every church can begin growing The Leadership Tree.

You can also learn more about the concept of The Leadership Tree in our previous video series: https://www.churchlife-resources.org/videos/the-leadership-tree/