Pull Back Effects

Are you looking forward to a positive change in your ministry life? However, like a stretched rubber band that returns to original state, these probable changes dissipate in the face of resistance from the church culture / DNA. In this series, we explore with you some common cultural challenges many churches face.

Renovate! Strengthening God’s House

Do you ever hear people in church comment, “Not another training and workshop? We’ve been through so many already!” Training sometimes has limited impact because growing ministries are sustained by processes and practices in the life of the church. In this series, we look at practices that benefit ministries in the long term. We also examine the top two challenges faced in building up churches in Singapore!

Leading Strong Personalities

Have a team member with a strong personality? Someone who won’t compromise or believes they’re always right? In this series, we share specific skills that will help you lead and manage difficult relationships and grow beyond your weaknesses!

When Do People Really Get Discipled?

People may spend years in church yet experience little life-change. What could grip their hearts and motivate them to really desire growth in Christ? We look at some such factors…

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