trusting His Intent

Deuteronomy 32 is a fascinating account of God’s ways and how He deals with His people.

In verse 11, the picture is painted of an eagle who purposely shakes the young eaglets of their complacency and sets them aflight. Ready or not?! There it seems to be only one way to learn to fly – to fly. So mom eagle ‘stirs up its nest’ – she kicks those young birds out into the air.

Then she ‘hovers over, spread wings to catch, and carries them’

We prefer God to hold our hand, pat our backs, call our names, shine a light, shower a miracle. But this?!

One speaker puts it this way: God wants us to soar.

We of course just want to trod along, or in common parlance, ‘cope with life’.

From the way it’s described (and if we think of the backdrop of the Exodus), God’s people soar when they allow Him to take them out, set them off, and they learn to trust Him while in mid-air, mid-point, mid-section….while in a desert of unpredictable and often harsh conditions.

Admittedly, like the Israelites we are more interested in licking our wounds, missing the good ol’ days then moving froward with God. Instead of soar, we are often sore – with complains, misgivings, doubts, fear, anxiety.

Let’s encourage each other to be willing to step out, free fall, and soar!