We need time and more..

With two young children, and three pastorates behind us – we are not harbouring illusive expectations about church. In fact, somedays we have to fight the shadows of cynicism and often, weariness.

I suppose we are at the edge of falling over a precipice (a sense we have had for the last two years – we are resistant to tipping over, losing control) – where we say “It’s all about Him” and nearly understand it.

Because – so little is left in us and can be summoned that we know and know it is all Calling and Grace co-mingled.  And we fear: we fear we dilute this potent combination by adding effort, strife, and the all-present danger of failing to keep company enough with Him.

For the sake of His name, our integrity, and the flock – please  pray for us. Pray for all pastors who endeavour to follow the Call and lean on the Grace. That we hear, follow and trust well.

Blessings as you follow the Great Shepherd !