Struggling Christians!

I know we are all thinking in terms of the current economic gloom. Yes, that is indeed painful for some – and – as a family we must reach out to lift up. No one within the family should be needy. Not when we are called to reach beyond our family in Christ to a really needy world.

I was thinking this morning about ‘struggle’ and how there are two ways Christians struggle. The first is when we refuse to fully follow Christ. Here the struggle is one of surrender, allegiance and obedience. There is this constant tussle between the self’s ambtions, fears, strongholds and God’s love. This happens to all of us; but to live in this state is far from what God gave Jesus up for.

There will be struggle, but the struggle must be against the forces and structures in society that oppose God’s will: rampant consumerism, oppression, injustice, disunity, untruth. This is where we are to pit our skills, training and imaginations against.

Indeed, when we are engaged in the right struggle (the second one), then the struggle of the first kind becomes less burdensome. Victory over self is not obtained by an over-focus on self. It occurs when we fix our eyes on God — who in turn directs them to others.

May the Spirit lead us into the struggle and victory of Love and Light.