stranger christians?

this term sounds oxymoron right? a fellow Chrisitan should NOT be a stranger. we share eternal bonds! Yet..

I (jenni) talk to strangers. Today, i spoke to 3 women who shared my table at the coffee shop. What struck me was how cuatious and uninteresting they were compared to some more energetic, feisty totally stranger-folks i have talked to on other occassions… of course, much can account for their general coldness..they could be introverts, sick, been cheated one too many times… i won’t know.

But i sensed they were CHristians so i asked. the reply came back with no gladness. (1 down). after a few more sentences, i shared that i was a pastor. they said i did not look like one. [no problem there]…then they talked about how we are no longer allowed to distribute tracts and how it’s okay to enter temples when u go on tours but to step out if you felt unease.

This raised major Qs for me about discipleship!

i gently suggested that they can pray for their friends on those tours and make it a mission trip!

the whole time, no warm smile, glad connection or sense of concern…hmmm… [2 down]  did i mention that when i came back to the table after my visit to the loo, my food had arrived and one of them said to me curtly, “the birds could have eaten your food”! [3 down i thought a smile and we watche your food for you would be more helpful…]

Discipleship is a huge D!! for the Determined, Dogged and Decided.