a state of of the union

i have always been awed by this phrase  “state of the union”. it comes from the US where the President gives us mid-term report to describe how the nation is faring. the backdrop is the harsh reality of a bloody civil war that made the formation of USA possible.

But there are 2 other unions that concern me much more. As a marriage and minsitry partnership, we are very watchful over the state of our union and agonise, talk, pray, debate, resolve….seeking His will at each turn.

The other union is that of top priority to God Himself. It is the union between the bride and His Son. Yes, the state of how close the church is and how she is doing as Christ’s bride.

Sometimes when we look at churches seemingly fighting so many battles at so many fronts, it is easy to despair. But our hope is not in ourselves no matter how noble our intentions. Jesus is totally committed to His bride and He has promised to cleanse and prepare her for himself.

For each of us as members and leaders, the question is this: do we treat the church the way Christ wants us to? Are we exerting our energies and discharging our duties in a manner that honors Him? Are we praying, longing and exhorting each other to seek the glorious day of the bride’s full readiness?

We think that we cannot love Jesus and disdain His bride. So even while we love imperfectly and suffer the limitations of sin, we must grow our love for Jesus and His bride. Join us. Pray for us.