Staff Management & Supervision / Pastoral Leadership Skill Development & Coaching


How can we grow to be better pastors or prepare designates and potentials to assume the Senior Pastor role? To grow a pastor requires the incremental development of skill, as well as character, fit for the role. This track seeks to provide coaching of key skills required for pastoral leadership growth. Let’s grow in our pastoral calling, as David did, “…shepherding them according to the integrity of our heart, guiding them by the skillfulness of our hands.” (Psalms 78:72)

Modules/Learning Outcomes:

  • Be equipped with key skills required for pastoral leadership growth
    • Understanding Church Health Pillars
    • Strategic Planning & Church Calendaring
    • Building an Evangelism Culture
    • Building Vibrant Small Groups
    • Growing and leading Board leaders and stakeholders
    • Preaching & Pulpit Planning
    • Leadership Development & Mentoring
    • Discipleship Framework for Ministries
    • Leadership Skills

Course Commitment: 12hrs per Module, No. of Modules based upon Scope of Coverage over 12 years for application

Suitable For: Senior Pastor / Elder, Senior Pastor Designate / Candidates

Suitable Group Size: 1-3

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