Mining God’s Word

How to Study the Bible (Pt 1)

Track Description:

How do we align God’s resources in a concerted direction? How do we help all ministries grow and develop? This track seeks to address questions like these through a process of strategic planning for the churchyear that involves reviewing past year’s indicators, charting the new year’s direction, integrating churchwide and ministry needs and creating a calendar with space and collaboration.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn various practices that make up the process of strategic planning for the churchyear
    • Reviewing past year’s indicators
    • Charting the new year’s direction
    • Integrating churchwide and ministry needs
    • Creating a calendar with space and collaboration

Course Commitment: 46 meetings of 11.5h, Plenary of 2 Days 1 Night OR 3 halfday retreats

Suitable For: Senior Pastor / Leader Elder / interns & candidates / Church Planning Taskforce leaders

Suitable Group Size: 24 as a Planning TaskForce

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