Influence for Christ

Track Description:

Whether we like it or not, we are influencers for Christ. The lives we lead either make us more credible witnesses, or make it harder for others to receive the gospel. Whether you have a leadership role in an organisation, or you have friends, neighbours or followers, the impact you have on the people around you depends on the quotient of influence you leverage. Come and discover how you measure in these quotients and grow in your influence for Christ!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover how you measure in the following 4 quotients and how to grow your influence for Christ
    • Biblical teaching
    • Selfreflection
    • Personality and gifts surveys
    • Faith and vision challenges for growth

Course Commitment: 1.52h per Module, 34 Modules

Suitable For: Core Members

Suitable Group Size: Flexible with involvement of Facilitators / Mentors

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