Facets to Honing Spiritual Leadership

Aligning to God’s Purposes

Track Description:

Leadership is a gift that is received, and grown. Identifying this gift, integrating it with contemporary skills, and building it upon a foundation of godly character will enable you to hone your leadership skills in partnership with God for deeper spiritual impact!

Where do we go from here? This is the question followers ask. Come and learn key principles of priorities & targets, roles & authority. The module also covers environments & models of decision-making lending to fruitful leadership styles that unite & encourages followership. (This is an advanced module preferably for Pastors, Board & Key Ministry Overseers)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a compass that keeps leadership aligned to God’s purposes

Course Commitment: Facets to Honing Spiritual Leadership is a series of modules for each Tenet of Leadership. Each facet can be taken up as an individual module. Each module consists of  Video-Teaching | Community Reflection Chat | Follow-up processing | Live-Coaching Engagement (Online/Onsite)

Suitable For: Pastors, pastoral interns, Board/ Council, Board/ council interns, other Key Leaders
considering fulltime or higher level ministry

Suitable Group Size: Up to 812pax for best learning.

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