Becoming An Overcomer

Track Description:

To Him who overcomes…
The call of Jesus Christ is a call to overcome, which is fundamentally the end-indicator of a disciple.
The mind and heart are makes for a more whole-person approach to becoming an overcomer!

I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God.” Revelations 3:11-12

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn how the thinking and perspectives set the foundation of seeing God at work in our lives, through the ups and downs. (Overcomer’s Mindset)
  • Know God’s heart that heals and comforts us in times of despair. (Overcomer’s Heart)

Course Commitment: 2-part sermon series

Suitable For: Members / Core Members

Suitable Group Size: Flexible

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