A Work of Heart

When God Shapes the Soul of a Leader

Track Description:

Leadership is the divine enablement to cast vision, motivate people and direct them to work harmoniously, in multiplying toward God’s purposes.

What kind of person is needed to lead well for the long-haul?

God calls a leader to rise, but He also shapes the soul of that leader, to be a vessel fit for His use.

Learning Outcomes: 

Examining the shaping of inner heart of those who lead on the frontlines in the following arenas

  • The Shape of the Soul Matters: An Overview…
  • Frustrations: When emotions taint our vision
  • Expectations: When demands/datelines squeeze “space of heart” to care
  • Discernment: When noises make it hard to hear God
  • Relationships: When difficult people derail leadership
  • Substance: When overstretched–1000 miles wide, but 1 inch deep
  • Surprises: When things go out of our control

Course Commitment: 3-month coaching journey that includes classroom-learning (video-teachings & coaching sessions of approx 2 x 1.5h), projects and follow ups

Suitable For: SG Leaders, Overseers, Board and Pastors

Suitable Group Size: Flexible with involvement of Mentors / Facilitators / Zone Leaders

For more information, please contact admin@churchlife-resources.org.