a re-fresh start

Do you enjoy the morning air? If you get up and breathe the air before the cars gets started; it’s truly refreshing and uplifting!

The start of each day, with the gentle beginnings of life-giving sunlight, warmth and fresh air (and perhap singing birds) is like an invitation from God to draw near to Him and renew ourselves.

Soon the day will wear on with hustle bustle pollution and noise. But first, there is that quiet, the stillness, the first stirrings.

No wonder the earliest of saints (and the Psalmist) have taught us to rise to seek the LORD at the start of day. As the new day dawns, we can go to God to breathe in afresh His Spirit, ask for wisdom, and simply adore Him. Setting aside the cares of the day that will come later, here is a moment of sanctuary and absolute safety where we can come and draw upon all God’s gifts and resources to us as we breathe, read, reflect, pray and perhaps journal.

As we are not morning people, these moments are not long; but we have learnt to cherish them and look forward to them!

Each of us have our own personal way of relating to God. Philip likes to use music, drink tea and read the Word, and be quiet. He often gets pictures in his mind and instructions from His Master and Friend. Jenni likes to journal, take a walk, sometimes dance…and when her heart is quiet, she hears God through the day. As a reader, Jenni often finds God saying ‘read this’ – and it will be a spot on word she needed to draw closer to Him. It is amazing how God loves us enough to speak in a love language we can get!

What about you? Share with us how you draw close to God.

Good Morning and have a re-freshing start to your day.

The Huans