Raising a Core


We go for medical check-ups for our physical health but what about our group’s spiritual health? Some might have the misconception that they should see a doctor only when they are unwell but going for a medical check-up allows for a proactive approach with the group’s spiritual health, and detects symptoms early before they become more serious. Is it time for your group’s spiritual health check-up today?

Modules/Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify some elements of health in a small group
  • Learn how to adjust for better group health

Course Commitment: 3-month coaching journey that includes classroom-learning (video-teachings & coaching sessions of approx 2 x 1.5h), projects and follow ups

Suitable For: CG Leaders / Ministry or Department Leaders / Interns or Assistants

Suitable Group Size: Flexible with involvement of Mentors / Facilitators / Zone Leaders

For more information, please contact admin@churchlife-resources.org.