ChurchLife! seeks to:

  • Equip People – Many people in church are “pushed” into their roles to learn on their own. Most do not have proper training, nor mentors. ChurchLife! seek to prepare people for their roles so as to increase the efficacy of their contribution to the church.
  • Ignite Passion – When we serve for years and face hard-knocks, motivation wanes and spiritual life dries up. Passion and vision for God’s calling is the driving force that sustains us. ChurchLife! takes every opportunity to remind people of God’s calling and to ignite passion for following God.
  • Align Purpose – When programs and departments move in independent directions, the church will face great difficulty in marshalling her resources for a single, concerted impact. ChurchLife! seeks to help churches align their ministries to achieve strategic goals so that the church grows in discipleship-making and outreach over time. ChurchLife! is passionate in helping churches grow to the next level over the mid-long term.

Since 2006, ChurchLife! has worked with over 50 churches in various capacities, including organizations in India, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

It is our deepest desire to journey with and help churches rise to their next level of health and growth!