Preaching Resources

Preaching Internship

Suitable For: Lay Preachers, Small Group Leaders tasked with devotion/teaching

Duration: 2 hours of teaching. 2-6 hours of practicum.

Description: An introductory course for raising preachers and leaders who are interested and have experience in communication. The practicum functions as an “internship” where the Trainer serves to improve the preacher’s preparation & presentation skills.

Outcome: Lay leaders will be able to prepare a preaching outline, illustrate and challenge the audience with sensitivity to audience needs.

Preaching Deeper

Suitable For: Preachers with 1-2 years experience

Duration: 3 hours of teaching. 2 hours of practicum.

Description: A teaching cum workshop approach to examine deeper issues of sermon craft and help preachers stay fresh in their preaching. Topics include:

  • Using logic vs suspense
  • Exposition vs Devotional vs Seeker-sensitive vs Evangelistic sermons
  • Advanced Responsiveness on stage

Outcome: Preachers will be able to recognize felt-needs and discipleship needs of their audience, learn to respond to on-the-fly feedback, improve their stage presence and grow in their preaching.

Personalised Preaching Coaching

Suitable For: Lay Leaders, Staff, Pastors, Senior Pastors

Duration: Personalized

Description: A personalized on-site coaching journey to strengthen preaching skills and abilities. The material was fielded as Homiletics and Preaching courses in both Singapore Bible College and Trinity Theological College.

Outcome: Preachers will be able to understand preaching paradigms, get feedback for their sermons and be assessed on their strengths and weaknesses. They will grow to be stronger preachers.