At ChurchLife Resources, we have tailored a programme to coach you and your team. Preaching is even more crucial now where online preaching and preaching from home may become a normative practice.

Consider taking steps to raise your preaching standards and to develop a strong consistent preaching team for your church!

Our programme seeks to

  • Grow your personal preaching skill
  • Identify, recruit and raise potential preachers
  • Train and equip them as a team
  • Empower and position your team to preach confidently both onsite and online

Let us embark on this new phase of your preaching journey with you!

Preaching Coaching Programme

Apprentice TrackBasic Coaching Track
No. of sessions3 sessions x 2hApprox. 3 online & 3 live sessions
Suitable for1) New preachers
2) Lay leaders aspiring to preach or teach
1) Pastors
2) Church preaching teams (usually comprising staff / frequent lay-preachers)
Min. participants31 to 3
Training outcomeParticipant to be able to prepare a full devotional sharing (10mins) with a deep learning quotient of preaching/teaching elementsParticipant will be able to prepare and run through a full preaching script with trainer; receive actual preaching delivery analysis & personal preaching profile
Training outlineSession 1: Overview of preaching elements (different types of sermon shapes) + assignment template

Session 2: Preparation and delivery based on a given text with evaluation

Session 3: Preparation and delivery based on 2nd text with evaluation

Pre-session: Community learning & reflection

Session 1: Orientation

Session 2: Ideation conversation on sermon outline based on passage/sermon topic of participant’s choice

Session 3 / 3a: Scripting analysis and feedback

Session 4 / 4a: Delivery coaching and analysis

Pricing1) $600 per person (3 pax and above)
2) $700 per person (1-2 pax)
1) $860 per person (3 pax and above)
2) $980 per person (1-2 pax)

*Sessions may be held onsite (facility location) or online (zoom) depending on preferences and restrictions.

*Sessions may involve all parties at the same time, or involve individuals (or groups) separately at their own time.

*All coaching fees may be paid in full or equal instalments over 3 months.

Interested in signing up for one of the preaching tracks or want to find out more?

We are available for a personalised consultation. Let us know your needs and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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