Preach The Gospel To The Saved Too!

April 4, 2013

I want to preach the Gospel in fresh, engaging, and impactful ways regularly – to my converted flock.

As a pastor for over 15 years, I have come across questions from my members and other Christians that I thought would only be asked by pre-believers:

Will I really go to heaven?  

Can I wait until I am near the end and then repent, since God will forgive even at the last minute?

I have also heard comments that seem to reflect a lack of understanding that Jesus sacrificed His life out of love for all mankind (John 3:16). And that He had commanded us to have that same love for others (John 13:34-35) and to live wholly for Him (Luke 9:23)

It’s not fair that God would save this person.

This person is beyond hope

I didn’t enjoy the sermon this morning.

Should I tithe gross or net of my income?

After being a pastor for over fifteen years and a Christian for over thirty, I realize that we forget. We forget that Jesus saved us from the pit of death and delivered us into an eternal intimacy with Himself. We forget that it was by the sheer grace of God that we were even saved (Eph 2:8). We forget that this world is passing away and that we need to press on towards the heavenly prize (Phil 3:3:13-15).

Sometimes, even church leaders seem to forget! I muse on this when I come across leadership agendas that seem primarily concerned with meeting members’ felt needs, communicating church vision and running activities.

Don’t get me wrong! As a leader myself, I know that leaders need to plan, communicate vision and meet members’ needs. But it looks to me that we must keep declaring the Good News, and that this is going to need courage and more! It is also clear to me that whatever we say to inspire, educate and reform; over the pulpit, at church board meetings and even in our living rooms – will only make sense when it is built on the foundation of the Good News.

Preaching the gospel does not only to be a presentation of the salvation story at special events. It can be used as an occasion to remember and celebrate the love of our Lord and His great sacrifice; to lead the congregation into a sincere corporate prayer of confession; to publicly declare that someone and something has truly changed everything.

I want to preaching the gospel the number one, over-riding priority of my life.

After all, when I last checked, I was called to the Gospel!

Rev. Dr. Philip Huan is the Principal Consultant at ChurchLife Resources, and is passionate about helping churches and leaders become strong and healthy!

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash