Preach the Gospel to the saved too!

I want to preach the Gospel in fresh, engaging, and impact-full ways regularlyto my converted flock.

Why? Well, after being a pastor for more than fifteen years and a Christian for more than thirty, I realize I forget. We forget the glorious truths of Grace, forgiveness, freedom and Kingdom purposes. We forget the daily ways we are to discover and live Life through dying and being raised up. We forget how temporal this world is, and how real God is. We forget to love God and others as the twin strands of our new life expressed; complicating it with many smaller agendas.

How do I know we forget? When I hear questions, concerns & fears such as:

– will I get to heaven?

– its not fair that God would save (this person)…

-he is beyond hope

-why not wait till I am near the end, then repent since God will forgive

– I didn’t enjoy the service (or sermon)

– must I tithe my gross or nett?


Or leadership agendas filled with:

– is this speaking to people’s felt needs?

– how does our pulpit communicate out (local) church vision?

Don’t get me wrong. As a leader, i know i need to lead. I know leaders need to be proactive, and act with foresight and courage. But it looks to me that in the coming days, declaring the Good News is going to need courage and more! It is clear too that whatever else we have to say to inspire, educate and reform, it only makes sense when it is built on the foundation of the Good News.

So I want to preach the Gospel! I will use the amazing resources we have today: videos, art, life stories, lights, movement, colours…  I will do it perhaps once a quarter. I want to preach it such that my flock know they need to hear it, look forward to it, and will therefore naturally fill up all the seats with friends and relatives. It will not be an event. It will be a major remembrance, a celebration, a corporate confession of desperation, a public declaration that Something and Someone has truly changed everything.

 After all, when i last checked, I was called to the Gospel!