Enduring Church Growth

This book studies the challenges and identifies the underlying issues to propose 10 ingredients — five leadership issues followed by five followership issues — that are needed for enduring church growth. It then concludes with an appeal, first to leaders then to followers, to believe in and play their God‑given roles in building the Church of Christ. These thoughts are meant as an appeal to God’s people to work together to grow His church into her destiny.

This book seeks to identify observed issues and to appeal to leaders/pastors, as well as to followers/members as they both play different and crucial roles in helping God’s church stay healthy.

Philip Huan has put his observations and thoughts together in this helpful and practical book for pastors and lay leaders and members, on how the local church can grow and how they can identify and overcome obstacles to growth.” ~ Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore

Philip has given us sound, down-to-earth, practical advice that will spare the church unnecessary pain if we take his advice seriously.” ~ Rev Keith Lai, Senior Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Moderator English Presbytery (2009-10), Presbyterian Church of Singapore

This book will benefit anyone who truly cares for the growth of churches in Singapore.” ~ Rev Vincent Lun, Senior Pastor, Kingdom Community Church

Reflecting on church growth in Singapore…is Philip Huan’s vital contribution through this interesting book! Read it!” ~ Rev Edmund Chan, Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church

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