the part-time pastor?

Calling and vocation

For a long while I have felt bad being a part-time minister. It sounds like some half-baked deal, an oxymoron or worse, a cop-out. The reality of working part-time, which so many idealise – where one has to struggle and balance the oft complicated tasks of making sure all the responsibilities are well attended to is hard enough for any job. But my ‘job’ is that of a clergy person.

Some receive this information with bewilderment; while others think it most current and enlightened – o, a commuting pastor, of sorts.

Light often comes after a season of shade; and so my peace was ratified when I was given understanding. Truth, of course, comes at a price.

After a season of difficulty where I had to grapple afresh with my convictions about ministry and re-examine my philosophical framework; I received a certitude about one thing: God has called me. The calling is shot through my being. I am in love with both the LORD of the church and the church which is His bride and heart-prize.

As I reflect on my spiritual journey and the varying ways and degrees of participation over the years; one thing stands out: God has called me and He has woven into the fabric of my being a deep burden for His people.

So after more than a decade of being in ‘full-time’ ministry, I see my burden deepen and broaden; even as I became more acutely aware of my limitations and frailties.

Thus the voce-  the voice that calls and beckons me to follow and to seek this path of service has never let up. I have been called to serve God. In fact, all of us have been called to serve God. But our expressions of service; and the seasons of our lives which may provide some boundaries for those expressions can take us through rather different terrain.

The infinite wisdom and creative justice of God gives me the freedom to serve Him faithfully and whole-heartedly while ensuring that I prioritise and attend to all my responsibilities in a godly manner.

He will do no less for you. May the LORD establish and prosper the work of our hands indeed.