the nub of submission

Hands up if you feel edgy whenever you feel you are ‘following’?

Well, from pastors to members, men to women, young to old, we all wrestle with submission. Husbands and wives, pastors and members – we all accept the sad verdict that submission is not going to  come easy. So we cajole, persuade, bribe, threaten….

But perhaps if we knew what is really the nub of the pain? I Peter 3v6 gave me an important insight. Peter said the nub of our struggle to submit is not pride. It is fear.

We don’t want to submit because we don’t want to be let down, taken for a ride, be seen to be foolish and simple…..

But perhaps we should examine these reasons more carefully. Stephen Seamands’ book Ministry in the Image of the Trinity used the phrase ‘joyful submisson’ for Jesus’ attitude to God. It was Jesus’ joyful submission that enabled him to carry out his life mission.

Yes, I know, our spouses and church leaders are not God. They will make mistakes. We can end up on a detour. But perhaps, those things count less to God than a family and church that experiences joyful mutual submission which mirrors God Himself more? After all, we see repeatedly the sad scenarios of begrudging and cynical follower-ship — not unilke the world. How about a change of view?

For closing inspiration, read and meditate on Psalm 133.