ChurchLife Resources Missional Outreach

As Covid-19 disrupts traditional mission trips, churches in developing nations struggle with lockdowns.

The EU disease control agency: “Virus expected to last long-term despite global vaccine roll-out”(Straits Times 14022021). 

At such a time, the communities need the hope of the gospel. The church of Christ needs to rise up to be a witness more than ever before! 

Churchlife Resources feels burdened to help churches in the mission field sustain ministry momentum and be a witness for Christ in the midst of lockdown. So that whether it be pandemic or persecution, like in the early church, the believers who were scattered preached the Good News about Jesus wherever they went. (Acts 8:4)

Through a completely online means, CLR is able to encourage churches in missions fields via an online coaching journey.

Shared / Complimentary Resources

  • Introductory video on the coaching tracks available
    • Group Health / Mobilization
      • Raising a Core
      • Shepherding Online & Beyond
      • Critical Importance of Community
      • Impacting Heart Posture through Programs
    • I am a Witness
      • Outreach & Hospitality
      • I am a Witness 
  • Sermon Resources

Small Groups: Raising a Core in every Group (Sample) 

Coaching Journey

When churches unblock bottlenecks and grow past them, they become healthier and stronger for the mission Christ has called them to. CLR seeks to help church pastoral leaders and ministries step up to the next level by coaching them for a desired outcome over time.

This journey lasts 3-4 months as depicted in the slides (below), to help churches achieve an end-goal in ministry, eg. all SG to raise a CT each. The Coaching Sessions may be Live or Pre-Recorded depending on the internet bandwidth of the region. The coach will hand-hold ministry leaders to guide them to instill new habits and structures for mobilizing their ministries.

Videos are provided as part of the coaching. 

Alternatively, the videos may be used as a standalone for the Video Learning track.

Video Learning

Some churches and ministries have a stable core-team and would like to learn through guided learning than be coached. CLR provides video teaching with reflection guides that will help teams reflect and take first steps to apply what they have learnt. 

i. Calling a Core

ii. Mentoring within the Core

Now, more than ever, the church of Christ needs to rise up to be an overcoming witness as the world weathers the challenges of Covid-19.

Let us partner your mission field to strengthen churches and sustain ministry momentum to be witnesses to the Gospel message of hope!