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Missional Outreach 

As the world moves out of the Pandemic, changes wrought by it have only added to an increasingly complex landscape all over the world. Some of the church clusters ChurchLife Resources partners with, struggle with extremism, persecution, poverty & political unrest, just to name a few of their challenges.

At such times, communities need the hope of the gospel–the church needs to rise up as witnesses of Christ more than ever before!

ChurchLife Resources is committed to help churches in developing nations sustain ministry-momentum and be witnesses for Christ, whether it be facing pandemic or persecution. As in the early church, ChurchLife Resources hopes to partner churches to build believers who will preach the Good News wherever they go. (Acts 8:4)

ChurchLife Resources Coaching Strategy 

Through and beyond the Pandemic, ChurchLife Resources has developed a method of coaching church clusters in the field that develops core workers / leaders for small groups. 

Through a completely online strategy & a coaching journey over several months, ChurchLife Resources seeks to help churches in in the field develop core-teams to sustain ministry momentum. 


  • Video-learning for teaching (in the local language)
  • Action-Steps for the church to call, recruit & mentor (via a facilitator in the church)
  • Projects that strengthen church-life
  • Follow up resources to guide next steps

ChurchLife Resources has coached church clusters in Tamil Nādu &  Asansol (India), Estancia (Philippines), Malaysia & Indonesia.

“Small Group” discipleship is key to sustaining ministry momentum. Whether pandemic or persecution, CLR believes that small groups of committed believers, led by a leader & supported by a core-team, is the most biblically-robust means of growing & sustaining Christian faith through difficult times.

CLR has developed modules of helping leaders recruit and equip core-teams in small groups / ministries, each module lasting 4-5 months encompassing touch-point events as shown:

Each module has the architecture of a leaders’ briefing, video-release, live-coaching, and on-going projects in order to coach the leaders & core teams through developing & inculcating specific skills into the small-group life. 

Some modular topics available are:

  • Small-Group Health / Mobilization — [SGLs in evaluating SG health]
  • Raising a Core — [Core Teams for SGs]
  • Shepherding Online & Beyond — [Micro-groups of pastoral care]
  • Critical Importance of Community — [An open SG event to invite friends, hosted by the Core-Team]
  • Impacting Heart Posture through Programs — [Core-Team rostered to lead in SG programs]
  • Outreach & Hospitality — [Core Teams Hosted SG Outreach]
  • I am a Witness — [Members in Life-Style Outreach]

Do visit for a complete listing of modules / tracks to build strong small groups!

ChurchLife Resources will work with the church-in-field and/or sending-supporting church to develop the video in the local language, if needed. 

ChurchLife Resources will also work with a mature pastor / designate from the church-in-field to co-facilitate the coaching process.  

ChurchLife Resources’ modular video-teaching clips in languages used for coaching Churches-in-field

English (Captioned)





Now, more than ever, the church of Christ must rise up to be an overcoming witness as people weather the challenges of a post-Pandemic world. 

Let us partner your mission field to strengthen & sustain church ministry momentum, empowering them as witnesses to the Gospel message of hope!

Contact us at to learn how we can partner you in reaching your mission field!

Our Partnership Stories

“It has been very, very impactful where Dr. Philip Huan – in just a matter of a few weeks, have really given us a kind of leadership and structure in place where we can begin to build the leadership and give us also the kind of. very systematic way to grow our leadership, and coming along side with us, you know, to build our leadership and we see the kind of excitement right now.

In just a matter of few weeks, I’m really very, very blessed that we are able to gather our leaders, and they begin to put a system in place to really start working; and there is more and more excitement among our leaders and our core team members. I believe home cell model; it is a very, very powerful model to really reach out to the community. I believe this is the way forward in the days to come; to share the gospel and grow the church.”

– Pastor George & Florin (Assembly of God Church, Asansol)

“Thank you very much for the program which Churchlife Resources has given to us – for developing the core leaders and for the presentation given on how important are the overseers. 20 leaders participated. 4 of them are leading their own churches, others were my own church leaders involved in church administration as well as setting up their own cell groups in the local villages. 

I felt it when pastors who participated told me that they want to bring their cell group leaders later for the program and they want to bring their elders as well to have this kind of training in their local church. So that is really helping me. We have established the next leader whom we are finding and we want to bring them into kind of core leaders program. So that’s the way the program goes on for our churches here. 

– Pastor Vijayakumar (Good Shepherd Community Church, Tirupur)

The Story of Empowering Churches in Estancia, Philippines

(Riverlife Church’s mission-field in partnership with Churchlife Resources, 2017-19)