Ministry Development

Using Your Gifts In A Team

Suitable For: Ministry Team Members

Duration: 5 hours (Recommended in half-day retreat setting)

Description: Session 1: A biblical study of 1 Corinthians 12 to inspire the team to serve in their gifts and learning how different gifts impact God’s purposes for the local church. Session 2: A biblically integrated DISC personality and team-building exercise to increase understanding and cohesiveness in the team.

Outcome: Team members will understand how to serve in their gifts for discipleship growth as well as the importance of the church in fulfilling her destiny. They will also learn their God-given personality and how to work with team members of differing personalities. The team will be able to work together more cohesively.

How to Study the Bible

Suitable For: All Members

Duration: 6 hours

Description: A course that strengthens the foundation in God’s word in order to know and serve Him better. You will work in a team to study a Scripture passage under the guidance of an instructor, which will allow God’s word to speak to you and how to apply it to your life.

Outcome: Participants will learn the importance and use of Scripture in daily life, be aware of common but risky ways of Scripture interpretation and deepen their understanding of God’s word.

How to Pray and Care Pastorally

Suitable For: Small Group Leaders, Core Teams in Cell Groups, Carers in the Congregation

Duration: 4 hours

Description: Find out why Jesus “leaves the ninety-nine sheep to reach that one who is lost”. This training will teach God’s heart for caring and what it means to lead and impact people for Jesus.

Outcome: Participants will learn to care through connection and visitation, the dynamic of prayer and learn how to pray pastorally for people.

I am a Witness (Evangelism Training)

Suitable For: All Members

Duration: 4 hours

Description: Do you find it difficult to talk about your faith to pre-believing friends? Come and learn the perspectives and skills in order to witness effectively using your unique outreach style. This training will also teach you to reach your loved ones as a team.

Outcome: Participants will learn steps to witness effectively, including discerning people’s needs and how they come to Christ, sowing spiritual conversations and learning to share the gospel and their personal testimony.