how our lives unfold in regard to…

08 was a very significant year for us. Churchlife! grew and reached a wide spectrum of churches; and we worked out a partnership with Riverlife church that we hope would be a synergistic growth path for us both.

These are not a result of human endeavour. Instead, we see God’s hand working to lead, stretch, and position us for His purpose and pleasure. The fun thing is we discover that His pleasure is more and more ours! We know we are far from being completely yielded to Him (as evidenced in the way ‘we’ surface in our thought and preferences); but God graciously accepts our ‘heroic’ declarations of surrender and submission (even though these happen in the quiet and /or panic moments)!

In the end, as someone once said; we need to measure everything by how our life is unfolding in regard to our eternal relating to God. He is who we return to, who we account to, who we belong to. He is the One who loves, saves, leads, transforms us.

May our lives and therefore minsitry this year continue to be fuller flowering of this deep truth which we are only just discovering in our depths.

Bless you for being a part of our journey!