Leadership Development

The Spiritual Gift of Leadership

Suitable For: Ministry Leaders

Duration: 8 Sessions, 2.5 hours per session

Description: We help leaders to understand their spiritual gift of leadership through a series of modules. Each module may include a coaching and mentoring process to help leaders navigate and grow through leadership challenges faced in their ministry. The list of modules are:

Outcome: Leaders will be equipped to handle various ministry challenges and be more effective in their leadership.

Staff Coaching

Suitable For: Church Staff

Duration: 1-2 hours per session, as needed based on arena

Description: We hold small group or 1-to-1 sessions with key staff to coach and guide them in their roles and the following areas:

  • Improving Leadership skills
  • Identifying Barriers To Growth
  • Strategic Growth Analysis and Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Creating A Healthy Staff Culture

Outcome: Staff will grow and perform in their roles, thus impacting church ministries significantly.

Board and Elders Equipping

Suitable For: Board of Directors and Elders

Duration: 6 sessions, 1-1.5hrs each

Description: We will train elders to understand their call and role as the most pivotal layer of leadership that determines the culture and policies of the church. They will learn to manage the decision-making process between Pastors, Elders, Staff and lay leaders. Other areas of training include:

  • Developing and Positioning Leaders of the Church
  • Understanding the Discipleship process
  • Learning to Integrate church authority with the Laws of the Land
  • Understanding the social landscape and its implications for the Church

Outcome: Top leaders will be aligned in their mission, guard the entry of qualified people and be equipped to raise future elders.

Equipping Small Group Leaders

Suitable For: Small Group Leaders and Overseers

Duration: 4-6 sessions of 2.5 hours each (recommended spread over 1 year)

Description: Do you have small groups which have no core teams and are not growing? We equip your group leaders with the skills needed to grow and multiply, to understand how to pray and care pastorally for their members and to practice outreach and hospitality.

Outcome: Small group leaders learn to build core teams, to handle growth and multiplication of their group and how to mentor their group members. Overseers learn to mentor and coach their leaders in mobilizing core teams while leveraging on their personal leadership styles. This will result in a healthy pastoral church family!

Coaching Ministry Leaders

Suitable For: Ministry Leaders, eg. Worship, hospitality, outreach, prayer

Duration: 3-4 sessions of 2 hours each (recommended spread over 1 year)

Description: Are some of your ministry leaders facing challenges in their ministries? Are they finding difficulty in planning direction and growing their ministry? We coach ministry leaders in understanding their role, identifying and troubleshooting challenges faced.

Outcome: Ministry leaders learn to identify and address gaps in their ministries, grow in their leadership and grow their ministry for impact.