The SHAPE of the SOUL matters in Leadership

What kind of person is needed to lead well for the long-haul?

God calls a leader to rise, but He also shapes the soul of that leader, to be a vessel fit for His use.

This session of L3 examines the shaping of the inner heart of those who lead on the frontlines & seeks to:

  • Introduce 6 “fault-lines” that are often found in the inner heart,
  • Touch on arenas pertaining to work, emotions, expectations and relationships in leadership,
  • Help participants to reflect on the inner-life & identify the fault-lines that are “red-lining” in one’s life,
  • Coach on possible steps to shift those “red lines” back to spiritual health.
  • Invites participates to survey on the more critical “fault-lines” of the soul for future L3 topics (come & vote your favourite!)

Through groups of sharing, reflection & guidance by CLR facilitators, we believe God will speak to you about arenas that He desires to give greater health in personal life to make you a better spiritual leader!

Come & learn together as leaders, to be more attentive…when God does a work of heart!

Date: 13 July 2024  (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Venue: Zoom

Fees: $35 ($25 for Returning Learners i.e. previous attendees & Applicative Learners who register as a church / ministry in a breakout)

Registration will close when capacity of trained CLR facilitators limit have been reached.

For enquiries, email admin@churchlife-resources.org.

LEADERS’ LEARNING-LAB (L3): Leadership Skills & Inner-Life

Sharpen your leadership aptitude as a pastoral leader with L3, a series of quarterly online learning sessions for pastoral / lay leaders.

Hosted by ChurchLife Resources’ Rev. Dr Philip Huan & Associate Team, we will cover topics* such as:

  • The Purpose and Definition of Leadership
  • Caring for & Motivating your Team
  • Decision-Making & Giving Direction
  • The Shape of a Leader’s Soul Matters
  • Emotions & frustrations that taint vision
  • Relationships, when difficult people derail leadership

 *Subject to survey by participants

The 2.5-hour zooms sessions include video-learning, leadership framework & tools, breakouts labs to apply principles to your own church/ministry situation & peer-sharing. Each breakout has a CLR facilitator to coach your application.

Attend as a group of pastors / staff / leaders / ministry team to grow together for maximum benefit. Individual pastors may make this your continuing development journey.


$35/pax per session or sign up for $25/pax for returning participants or a group of 3 from the same church or ministry for “lab-learning”.

Hear what our past participants have to say about L3

Purpose and Definition of Leadership

“The concept of refocusing our purpose is most needed in our ministry currently. We are easily swayed by the tangible indicators that we can see, e.g. numbers in attendance, but not too sure how people are doing personally in their walk with God.”

Purpose and Definition of Leadership

“The different facets of leadership are useful to provide some categorisation of the various kinds of leaders or leadership approaches that I think if put together would form a holistic and comprehensive leadership team.

Thank you for being a blessing and investing into Christian leadership across the various sectors. I appreciate the simplicity of the delivery and the breakouts do help consolidate the learning.”

Building An Evangelistic Culture: Believers Who Share The Gospel Wherever They Go

“Ministry architecture is an interesting perspective. The approach is refreshing and useful. The facilitators are knowledgeable and helpful.”