What the Pandemic revealed was wrong with our Small Groups…

      …how can we have vibrant, authentic community through Small Group (SG) programming?

      …how can our children connect with others & experience discipleship growth be it online or onsite?  

      …how can we serve the surrounding community, especially in difficult times in our nation?

      …how can we reach out to those who have left our church?

These were some of the yearnings & “Small Group user-experience feedback” that were drawn from focus-group studies conducted by ChurchLife Resources (CLR) of a church’s various people / age-groups in a church project during Pandemic times. They reveal the cracks in many of our Small Group ministries today.


  • Examine what Pandemic revealed as weaknesses of our SGs
  • Introduce CLR models for strengthening SGs for Post-Pandemic New-Normal – core-team, curriculum ideas, micro-groups, decentralization

Date: 3 Nov 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 7:45pm – 10:15pm via Zoom

Registration closes on 25 Oct 2022. For enquiries, email admin@churchlife-resources.org.

CLR has 15 years of experience in helping churches build healthier & stronger SGs, especially in the Pre-During-Post Pandemic Times. It’s our hope for you to build up your SGs, be courageous to adjust your approach! Grow them from lessons learnt, and you will build up a SG-people that is Pandemic-proof and even Persecution-proof!

Leaders’ Learning-Lab (L3) is hosted by ChurchLife Resources’ Rev. Dr. Philip Huan & his team to sharpen your leadership aptitude as a pastoral / lay leader with a series of quarterly online learning sessions covering topics such as:

  • Understanding Church Health Pillars, Platforms & Programs
  • Sustaining Evangelism Momentum in Church
  • Sharpening the Discipleship Framework of your Church
  • Building Vibrant Small Groups, & others...

The 2-hour zooms sessions include video-learning, sharing of diagnostic frameworks, and breakouts labs to apply principles to your own church/ministry situation.

You can attend as a group of pastors / staff / elders / leaders to grow together for maximum benefit. Individual pastors may make this your continuing development journey.

Customize your learning-lab through 3 options:

i. Awareness, Understanding & Reflection (self-learning lab)

ii. Spar & listen with pastoral leaders in similar situations (peer-learning lab)*

iii. Application to your local church ministry scenario (application-learning lab)

*subject to sufficient participants of similar ministry-stage

Hear what our past participants have to say about L3

“Dr Philip’s written illustration gives a fresh view as the explanation is given. The provision for questions in the chat with answer in the chat by a panelist as well as ‘live’ answers is very helpful and enriching too. Big thank you.”

“The systematic breakdown of the 3 Ps and how they interact is a helpful tool for church leadership and members to discuss, comment and contribute inputs to the elements of church life to them. For church leaders it is also a useful tool for evaluating and building the structures that support and lead the church.”

“The resources were well prepared, as assessment tools they are helpful. Kudos to the CLR team for managing the Zoom session well, including the breakouts and the polls.”