info overload?

We live in amazing times. Life has never been so luxurious and indulgent and so pathetically impoverished all at once. We can cheer on total strangers, write and opine, whine and beoman, campaign and complain… with the internet especially, we seem to know so much and have so much to do…

As Christians who want to see God’s Kingdom realised each day, we can about burn out just from trying to circulate those nice powerpoint emails about thanking God, living better, being stronger and so on.  We also become more aware of social, political and environmental issues….

Frankly though we remain much the same. We either get so drained by our own struggles we could nto care less what goes on in the world, or we care but feel guilty coz we dont do enough, or we care but get totally frustrated since we feel so powerless to bring change.

Singaporean Christians in general are a well-fed lot. We already know more than we can make meaningful use of. What is needed is a sense of focus, calling, destiny.

As a wife-mother-pastor, there are endless concerns and issues i can pursue. But i surely cannot impact every area to the same degree and with the same passion and energy.

So perhaps the key is to ask: what do i focus on this season? Am i willing to admit what I dont know and work hard to find out if this is the area of focus God has for me? Am I willing to pray and receive His peace for areas beyond my action for now?

Balance focus with open-ness. Being open to the Spirit’s prompting is essential to an exciting faith-life. While we have a focus, we must remain open to divine interruptions, surprises and twists! It is easy to tust our own strength and make a big deal of our actions when we are merely focused.

We are concerned for many things in our world today: poverty, the church, the gospel, our neighbours, our marriages, children, parents, governement, mass media…and the list goes on… but we can become world-weary and lose our shine if we forget that this is our Father’s world! Our Father would have us focus and at the same time be open to His winds of leading and change.