How We Serve Churches

Since 2006, ChurchLife Resources has worked with over 50 churches in various capacities, including organizations in India, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. It is our deepest desire to journey with and help churches rise to their next level of health and growth!

Igniting Passion
Preaching & Teaching Resources

Many people in church are “pushed” into their roles to learn on their own. Most do not have proper training, nor mentors. ChurchLife! seeks to prepare people for their roles so as to increase the efficacy of their contribution to the church.

Equipping People
Training & Skill-Based Resources

When we serve for years and face hard-knocks, motivation wanes and spiritual life dries up. Passion and vision for God’s calling is the driving force that sustains us. ChurchLife! takes every opportunity to remind people of God’s calling and to ignite passion for following God.

Aligning Purposes
Consultancy Resources

When programs and departments move in independent directions, the church will face great difficulty in marshalling her resources for a single, concerted impact. ChurchLife! seeks to help churches align their ministries to achieve strategic goals so that the church grows in discipleship-making and outreach over time. ChurchLife! is passionate in helping churches grow to the next level over the mid-long term.


  • We Listen...

    Your story is important: where God has led you thus far, His heart and vision for you, the blocks and challenges you face in ministry.

  • We Identify Bottlenecks…

    Challenges and bottlenecks occur as a natural part of growth, and may include organizational & resource-limitations, skill-gaps, patterns of thinking or behavior (DNA).

  • We Develop Mid-Long term Strategies…

    Bottlenecks are often God’s way of catching our attention to challenge us to change and grow through considering new perspectives & skills, intentional practice, and patience to see longer-term impact. The best solutions are often mid-long term strategies that shape the patterns and practice of a people.

  • We Guide Implementation…

    The broad range of skills amongst our consultants help coach and motivate people to learn new skills and patterns of ministry. Our hope is to leave a legacy of a generation of trained people for greater impact.

Our Platforms Are:

  • 1-on-1 Dialogue with Senior Pastor / Pastors / Board Leaders / Key ICs of ministries to diagnose landscape and needs.
  • Leadership Presentations to share diagnoses and vision-cast to gain positive traction with church boards and staff teams.
  • Trainings / Equipping for leadership and ministry teams to motivate and enable strategic growth.
  • Strategic Calendar Planning to co-ordinate a series of key trainings and events that provide momentum and empowerment for arenas of change.

Our Strategic Process

There is a natural impetus built into the Christian faith that motivates every believer to reach people and impact for Christ. However, there exists some blocks to this natural flow of growth such as:

  • Limitations in resources
  • Fears and mindset blockages
  • Lack of specific skill-sets
  • Corporate behaviours that resists changes

When we face such bottlenecks in our ministries, it is often a time when God is seeking to direct our attention to something we have neglected or need to give more attention to. This requires that we open our minds to consider new perspectives, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our thinking. Churchlife Resources brings our exposure to differing church scenarios and sizes to draw out principles for application for your specific context and need.

Resource LimitationsAligning Purpose
  • Diagnosis
  • Consultation-Exploration
  • Focus Groups
Pooling resource together, identifying key gifts and intentional, strategic priorities will bring FOCUS. With focus, the hope of breaking the cycle and possible growth comes, with application of new resources.
Fears & Mind-Set BlockLacking Skill-SetsEquipping People
  • Biblical Teaching
  • Clarifying the Ministry Role
  • Skill Coaching
  • Pattern/Habit Reinforcement
One of the greatest motivators for change is when assurances are given, and specific skill-sets are taught and coached. We train and leverage the mentoring journey which best helps people grow into the fullness of their skills to see new fruit in their ministry.
Resistant Corporate BehaviourIgniting Passion
  • Identifying DNA / Culture
  • Addressing Patterns & Healing from the Past
  • Establishing new Commitments
  • Inspiring from godly, biblical vision
The history, successes and pains of a people are often etched into memory and lead to corporate behaviour. Recognizing this and mediating an acceptance and healing, in the light of biblical vision can ignite passion for change & growth.