not so happy and gay & …

Is the church under assault? Is Singapore Christianity being tested? You bet. The big bad wolf continues to try to huff and puff and blow our houses down. But in case we think our times are so dire, we should recall that every generation grapples with social sins, injustice, and evil in its many gusies. We will be very mistaken to think that as we preach the gospel, evil will not re-invent itself and fight back. The enemy is serious. To use Bible imagery, we have a roaring lion seeking to devour us.

An old preacher used to tell us to remember that this lion is toothless. So it chews on the soft, mushy and weak ones it manages to overtake. In that case, if we are solid and have built houses of brick; we should not be shrieking in fear. The danger is real. The sense of dread is real. Waves of fear can wash over us. But we will not be drowned. Our houses of sound faith, sensible reason,and fervent witness need not collapse.

Instead we can cling to Jesus’ word to us that his intention is to build the church that gates’ hell cannot prevail against.

Upon that word, we shall stand.

As each Christian, and each family, and each local church respond in faith and obedience, we shall witness the power of this word – for we are taking Jesus seriously as the Christ. We mean business to carry His name upon ourselves as CHRISTians.

Let’s keep helping each other to be strong in His Might! (Eph 6v10)