GST credits

With the financial woes around the world, the Singapore government has come up with an inventive scheme to give citizens money; called credits. Employers are given credits, ordinary folks are given credits — to hedge against rising costs, loss of jobs and hardships. Many are glad and some rile that it’s little and in effective.

But this makes me think of another credit we who trust in Christ as Lord and Saviour have: it’s called the credit of righteousness. Unlike the cash and incentive credits; this one in unrelated to performance, background and future prospects! God freely gives it to all who would receive it with humility. It is the credit that allows us to come to God and call Him ‘Father’. It is the credit that sets down a deposit for a heveanly home. It is the credit that is signed, sealed and delivered right into the depths of our hearts through the power of the Spirit.

Do you and I know anyone who needs this credit?

Do you and I who have it rely on it fully and experience it joyfully?

G -race

S – alvation

T – otality

this is what God Alimghty offers us – in good times and bad; since the beginning of time. Let;s open our hearts and receive it afresh – especially during this season of Lent; when we are drawn to rememeber the meaning and power of the Cross.