Great and Near

Nearly twenty years ago, a group of theologians wrote about how our thinking and experience of God swings between God’s Greatness (Transcendence) and His Nearness (Immanence).

It is hard for us to grasp BOTH at the same time. We associate Greatness, Holiness and Might with distance. While we associate God’s peace, mercy and comfort as nearness.

This is a result of our creaturely limitation. We are deeply aware of our own sinful nature, really. Hence Good, God, Heaven cannot be near us.

We also feel keenly the pain of our frailty and our falleness. Hence we hunger for help, comfort and answers.

God IS both Great and Near. This is the glorious message we have. Yes, we dont tell it very well sometimes; but it IS the message. It is a mystery that God can dwell in us and with us through the Holy Spirit. It is a mystery that God was once man and walked on our earth. It is a mystery that one day we can join God in heaven and make that our home!

Wow. When i ponder this, I get all excited about preaching and sharing His Incredible Offer of Grace.

We cannot figure it out; but we must set our minds on it. What else is worth pondering?