when GOD is for you

we think GOD is for us when He approves of us, blesses us, protects us, and gives us a great day.


GOD is for us.

In his perfect wisdom, purity and power, love, goodness and grace – that means He will never let go of who are truly deeply are.

We do not know who we are. We think we are this personality, that profile, this set of strengths and gifts, a fusion of successes and regrets. No, those are all bits of who we are – as we respond and live in a fallen world.

Perhaps this is why the ancient church fathers urge us to discipline ourselves..to be quiet, to sometimes even purposefully act against what we are naturally inclined to. It is to break the bondage of who we have carved ourselves into in our attempt to cope…that who are are may emerge; carried by God’s loving everlasting arms. Then, we are ready to truly bless our world.