Easter thoughts

Easter is drawing near…it comes every year… with a mjor Gd Friday outreach at church; we can easily forget how important this season truly is.

The old church tradition has a forty day season called Lent that leads up to Holy week which of course culminates in Easter. We should bring back Lent – because –

we forget so quickly the things we meditate upon

when we are at work sometimes we even forget God and who we are in Christ

our lives get so cluttered with do-lists the good news of Easter is marred by the things we failed to do…

So bring back a long season like Lent or a forty day fast so that we can deiberately prepare ourselves for the incredible drama, power and truth of Easter. It has been said that we only appreciate the greatness of Grace when we recognise the deep darkness of sin within our hearts.

No wonder Grace today is good news is good health and weatlh. How does such a Gospel lift us out of this world to seat us in the heavenlies? It only lands us more squarely here on planet earth.

Easter is important and central to our faith because it is The Event, the V-Day, the Waterloo, the watershed… and that because of the whole larger story of our sin and God’s Love. How can we contemplate enough of it?