don’t beat the air – 1 Cor 9v26

Paul in his defense of his apostolic ministry used this phrase to highlight how intentional and focused he was in reaching the unsaved: ‘not beating the air’ (NIV)

For Churchlife, this challenge comes in two ways. First, we must discern which doors and opportunities to take up. This can mean preaching, writing, as well as making time to visit a neighbour or befriending someone. Our ministry scope continues to revolve around 3 pillars: 1. encourage those in ministry 2. preach and teach and train the local church 3. extend God’s Kingdom values to those we befriend and influence.

Secondly, as we are not working in a local church context, we discipline ourselves to develop preaching-teaching resources we feel prompted to. This can feel like beating the air; after all, will anyone be interested in it or need it? With no church board to consult, we must develop spiritual antennae and trust God that if nothing else, what we prepare will have hearers: ourselves! We preach to ourselves first; and God’s Word will not return void!

Well, do check up our updated resources, and please pray for us. Also feel free to write to us and share what is stirring in your heart for the King and his Kingdom.

May we all discipline ourselves and not beat the air, but throw punches that pierce the darkness.