Diagnostic, Discipleship & Church Consultation

Where to Begin? Diagnostics!

Suitable for: Senior Pastors, Church Board

Duration:  2 months

Description: Using a combination of observation, study and focus-group interviews over a period of 1-2 month, ChurchLife! will evaluate your church ministries based on key health pillars.

The Outcome: A Church Health Snapshot and recommendations for your church growth.

Leadership Architecture Design

Suitable for: Senior Pastors, Area Pastors and Ministry Team Leaders

Duration: 2-3 months

Description: Through focus groups, we will design a multi-level leadership development process for the church including “job descriptions” to curriculum proposals. This helps people grow in leadership at the various levels that they are at. We can also play roles in implementing this process through vision-casting, mentoring and teaching.

The Outcome: A sharpened leadership-development process that produce well-equipped leaders from within the church.

Leadership Renewal at Specific Levels

Suitable for: Senior Pastors, Area Pastors, Board members, Ministry Team Leaders and Cell Leaders

Duration: 6-12 months

Description: Mentoring and Coaching are an essential component to a great leadership culture in any organization. Often times, leaders are too busy with leading or they don’t know how to mentor and coach their followers. We will guide and equip leaders to be mentors and coaches to their followers.

The Outcome: Leaders will assume the role of mentors and coaches who are constantly looking to groom successors from the people they are leading.

Discipleship Process Architecture

Suitable for: Senior Pastors, Area Pastors, Board members, Ministry Team Leaders and Cell Leaders

Duration: 3 months

Description: We will study the discipleship process of your church and identify the gaps and pitfalls in the discipleship process and administer appropriate strategies to address them. This process can be applied to any level of leadership, notably board member succession and cell leader succession.

The Outcome: There will be a robust and well-rounded discipleship process and a cohesive discipleship vision.

Building A Passionate Spirituality in Congregational Worship & Worship Teams

Suitable for: Worship ministry leaders, Worship team Core Members

Duration: 3-4 months

Description: The Levitical Project is a journey for worship teams to discover their call and spiritual identity, evaluate key practices and develop a passion to serve in the office of worship. This journey will incorporate training retreats, interspersed reflections and seasonal pulpit preaching.

The Outcome: Worship teams will be strengthened and deeply rooted in the biblical call of the Levites.

Building an Evangelistic Momentum

Suitable for: Senior Pastors, Area Pastors and Evangelism Ministry Leaders

Duration: 3 months

Description: The key to building an evangelistic culture is growing people to be unafraid to talk about Jesus and convicting them that this is the Christian definitive of a normal life. Working in tandem with preaching, Cell groups, Service events and training, we will design personalized strategies to make this way of life a reality in your church.

The Outcome: People will be propelled to live out their faith boldly and be unashamed to share the gospel and talk about Jesus to those in their sphere of influence.

Establishing Church Health and Growth

Suitable for: Senior Pastors, Church Board

Duration: 2 years

Description: We combine all the above-mentioned consultancies to create a holistic church health and growth program. An example would include:

– Charting a discipleship process

– Strengthening the Teaching stations

– Strengthening the Outreach strategies

– Strengthening the Leadership development process

The Outcome: Your church will grow to a higher level of pastoral leadership, have an integrated evangelistic lifestyle, a deeper worship quotient and a strong and cohesive discipleship vision.