Clueless Christianity?

‘Clueless’ is for someone who misses the moment. fails to notice the connections, isn’t aware of the details. We laugh at such a person (secretly).

But what if we are clueless in our faith where we…

miss the moment, not make connections and ignore details?

Clueless happens when we are going too fast, tired, distracted – or – uninterested {gasp!}.

Missing the Moment

We claim to believe in God Almighty, Sovereign, Present, Eternal. Where is God in your present moment? What is He trying to say to you? What is He working on? What is He inviting you to?

Many of us zip through our days clueless. We panic when we need to make decisions; forgetting that the big things always build upon the small ones. Brick by brick a statuesque building arises. Of course if you want a dull tall block; you can go the ‘pre-fab’ way: not much in the way of design or beauty or intricacy there..God of wonders surely doesn’t build that way!

We need to train our senses in order not to miss the moment. Do you know how to do that? Here’s an idea {}.

Making connections

More and more, I see Christians living for a small faith of personal gratification. My God, my needs, my passions, my dreams…my, my, my.

We were never designed to live like this. We have what I call  没头没未 (no head, no tail) Christianity. We rarely teach on the grand theme of Salvation that unfolds from Genesis and culminates in Revelation. We don’t tell the whole story but offer sound bytes and instagram versions of the glorious Good News that is for ALL people!

We don’t connect people to the larger Body of Christ, many persecuted and martyred, starving and needy.

Notice Details

If there is no grand story, if we zip around hovering for a quick nectar-sip from any attractive preacher-bloom; then of course, we will miss the details: what is truly happening within my soul. What the Spirit is tapping on my heart-soul about? Where the wind of the Spirit is blowing?

So much is lost. To us. To our world.

We fail our mission and let our needy world down when we have a clueless Christianity.

LORD, have mercy.


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