Certitude in Uncertainty

Certainty is what we all want.

If we know the outcomes for what we do, we would surely be more ready and happy to do it. If i knew i will save so many souls when i preach, i would preach more heartily. True? False.

God certainly does not think so.

Of course the Fall of humanity has made a huge mess and there are simply so many factors that can sabotage our good work. It is important to recognise and accept this reality of broken-ness.

But God offers us certitude, not certainty. Certitude is the old word that refers to a sense of assurance and confidence because of God’s promises.

This means two things. Firstly, we must get rid of our incessant longing for certainty. Right now, we are learning this lesson as we watch God provide for our daily needs. We cannot afford to plan too far ahead; but must live on a more day-by-day basis: not a great feeling for any Singaporean!

Secondly, we must mine the Word and wait on His Spirit for his great and precious promises. Promises that are rooted not in our ability, training or intentions; but in God’s heartbeat for the world, and for you and I as His.

What has God promised? What has He promised you? Cling to that. It won’t give you certainty – for God’s ways are higher than ours – but it will grant you certitude.