Chapter 2: Does Your Church Have A Painful Past?

And can digging up the past help a church move forward?   Josephine can’t seem to get over her previous relationship where she was suddenly dumped. Even though she is currently dating, she fears being rejected again if she moves deeper into this relationship. Thus, she has decided to break off this current relationship. “It’s […]

Chapter 1: Unresolved Disappointment With Your Church’s Growth

Can discontentment with how your church is growing actually prevent it from moving forward? After working with churches for ten years, here are some common scenarios that I’ve faced: Scenario 1: A new senior pastor has just assumed office of a small to mid-sized church and despite his best efforts like having a welcome ministry, […]

Is Church Culture Resisting Your Leadership Efforts?

Hi pastors, board members and leaders – welcome to this blog! The reason for starting this writing project stems from my desire to see transformation in churches. In my ten years of consulting for churches, I’ve noticed that as churches seek to move forward, they often face common types of resistance that I would like […]

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