Is Church Culture Resisting Your Leadership Efforts?

Hi pastors, board members and leaders – welcome to this blog! The reason for starting this writing project stems from my desire to see transformation in churches. In my ten years of consulting for churches, I’ve noticed that as churches seek to move forward, they often face common types of resistance that I would like to share with you.

The church has a Christ-given mandate to fulfil, but it can often be  pulled back by what I call “cultural resistance factors”. Like a rubber band resisting change, these cultural factors can pull-back on efforts for church growth and is detrimental to the energy and momentum that God wants for His church!

These “pull-back” effects are repeated behavioral patterns that are ingrained into the church culture, and kick in unconsciously when triggered. They are usually due to several deeply held values working in opposition to each other. Both values may even be biblical ones. For example, a pastor’s efforts to engage a church in various outreach efforts (e.g. prison ministry, community penetration, street evangelism) may be met with a lukewarm response by leaders who believe that prayer and mending brokenness within the church are more important.

I believe that with greater awareness, understanding and insight, God can provide the wisdom to navigate such resistance.

Over the next season, I will be writing on the top 5 “Pull-Back” Effects I’ve observed in churches, one in each blog post.

I have invited 5 pastors in Singapore to write personal responses to each effect. Their thoughts and experiences will broaden and enrich the scope of this topic!

The team comprises of:


Ps. Tan Hock Cheng n(Shekinah Assembly of God)

Ps. Beh Soo Yeongn(The Bible Church)

Ps. Daniel Ween(Church Of Our Saviour)

Ps. Jenni Huann(Kingdom Community Church, ChurchLife Resources)

Ps. Keith Lain(Covenant Presbyterian Church)


I welcome you to follow this blog as well as leave your thoughts and comments. In this way, we could all grow together in our ministry and churchlife!

Rev. Dr. Philip Huan is the Principal Consultant at ChurchLife Resources, and is passionate about helping churches and leaders become strong and healthy!

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