Sometimes the Word of God – the Bible – becomes so familiar to us that its authority and its weight of truth can fade…this is the danger of knowing the Word.

God is calling us to live in and live out the Word.

Sometimes He has to let things happen to us. Or even let things happen to our nation – to show us that He exalts His Word and His Name above everything (Psalm 138). So we can once again humble ourselves and cry out, “forgive us, we will obey you afresh!”… a moment like Israel in the time of Ezra. A time to rediscover God’s Word’s power, penetrating truth and eternal stability.

What word is God bringing to light and life for you? Dwell on it and let it travel deep into the depths of your being. When the harsh winds blow and you feel caged in; it is the Word that will rasie you up as the Spirit anchors you again.

Be strong and very courageous; let not this Word depart… (Joshua  1v8f)