Treasures From Silence to Transform Your Life

City living is busy, stressful and noisy. It generates a lifestyle of haste with an addiction to fast-fixes. It feels impossible to find quiet, to rest and to think deeply.

Our longing is to experience enduring peace, stronger relationships and a better sense of our unique place in the world. To do so, we must hunger for life as it is meant to be—connected to its Source and maturing into fullness and fruitfulness. This requires that we become familiar with silence as a place to visit and feel at home in. For it is in the silence that we encounter ourselves, others and God in radical ways.

Let this volume, movingly told through personal narrative, help you make your way to the land of silence and be amazed at how it impacts your life as you grow in peace, patience and passion.

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Date: 19th September 2018, Wednesday
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Venue: Paya Lebar Methodist Church, Glass Rooms (Ground Floor)

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What others say about the book

“It is apparent that this little book grows out of the deep experience of its author. Its aphoristic, catchy phrases draw the reader ineluctably into meditation. I came away much refreshed. I hope that it will get the wide dissemination it deserves.”

– Simon Chan, Professor, Systematic Theology
Trinity Theological College

“Surprising facets of silence emerge, punctuated with personal anecdotes narrated in a lively, authentic, and deeply spiritual ‘voice’. This little book facilitates the beginning and continuation of an unforgettable journey filled with treasures that accompany silence, – getting to know who God truly is and who we really are, and learning to live a life that is free, unencumbered, uncluttered, just as the Maker intended it to be.”

– Mary Tay, Former Lecturer, Linguistics
National University of Singapore

About the Author

Jenni Ho-Huan’s journey as a writer began with a friend’s reply to her letter ”Jenni, you should really write”. That one remark lingered around, burrowed in and grew into a quest to touch lives through the authentic writing of her experiences. To her, words are beautiful and powerful, especially as it brings us to The Word – that final creative act that is Jesus, on the Cross, dying so that we may have Life in life.

“My vision is to help you take care of the deepest and truest part of you: your soul, for everything of life springs from it.” – Jenni Ho-Huan