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How can a church “change it’s spots”?

What is necessary for successful cultural change in church?   In my 10 years of engaging with and consulting for churches, I have seen mixed results in bringing positive change to church culture. On one hand, there are difficult-to-change cultures: Liturgical churches that have little relevance in connecting with youths and young adults. These communities […]

When the darkness sweeps in

“1 dead, 19 injured after crash” This is the sort of news that is becoming routine in our world today.  Here, a car barreled into non-violent protesters. We would link it to a terror attack, except this is not. It happened in the US of A – the land of the free and brave. Some […]

The Strength that Eludes the Leader…. (Part 2)

This article continues from “The Strength that Eludes the Leader (Part 1)” (Rev. Dr. Philip Huan) 3. GOD’S JOURNEY WITH YOU: CONTENTMENT & JOY-QUOTIENTS When I faced resistance from people in a consultancy project I was working on in a church, I felt stressed by the emotions involved. But as I prayed, I remembered that […]

The Strength that Eludes the Leader… (Part 1)

Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God… (1 Samuel 30:6, NKJV) I have always been intrigued by this passage. That phrase “strengthened himself in […]

The Challenge of Unity: An Interview with Rev. Dr. Philip Huan

(A modified form of this article was published in Eagle’s Vantage Point magazine, May 2013) SO THAT OUR READERS KNOW WHAT YOU DO, CAN YOU SHARE WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH CHURCHES IN SINGAPORE, PRESENTLY? I started out as an itinerant preacher for a season but have slowly evolved ministry into a strategic consultancy for […]

The Practices of Leadership

Have you noticed that people who are leaders (i.e. who command a following) come in different shapes and sizes? For example, Mother Teresa was a simple lady but commanded great influence. Obama has a charisma of communication and wields great influence. One of my church leaders is a quiet and godly man, but his colleagues […]

S-CHURCH (“Super-Church”)

When I was starting out as a pastor, I remember attending church-growth conferences which inspired me and filled me with dreams to build a great church, a church that would grow and storm the gates of hell—a “super-church”! (Pastors, remember those days?) Much of such dreams and inspiration are often used by God to motivate […]

It Takes Two… (When a Pastor & Church Fit Together)

In my journey with churches and pastors over the last 6 years as an itinerant preacher and church consultant, I have seen different churches and different kinds of pastor. It testifies of the beauty of the different facets of God’s gifts and plans for churches. However, I have also seen some pastors join churches for […]