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Preach the Gospel to the saved too!

I want to preach the Gospel in fresh, engaging, and impact-full ways regularly– to my converted flock. Why? Well, after being a pastor for more than fifteen years and a Christian for more than thirty, I realize I forget. We forget the glorious truths of Grace, forgiveness, freedom and Kingdom purposes. We forget the daily ways we […]

The Practices of Leadership

Have you noticed that people who are leaders (i.e. who command a following) come in different shapes and sizes? For example, Mother Teresa was a simple lady but commanded great influence. Obama has a charisma of communication and wields great influence. One of my church leaders is a quiet and godly man, but his colleagues […]

S-CHURCH (“Super-Church”)

When I was starting out as a pastor, I remember attending church-growth conferences which inspired me and filled me with dreams to build a great church, a church that would grow and storm the gates of hell—a “super-church”! (Pastors, remember those days?) Much of such dreams and inspiration are often used by God to motivate […]

It Takes Two… (When a Pastor & Church Fit Together)

In my journey with churches and pastors over the last 6 years as an itinerant preacher and church consultant, I have seen different churches and different kinds of pastor. It testifies of the beauty of the different facets of God’s gifts and plans for churches. However, I have also seen some pastors join churches for […]