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700 over churches to choose from?

What’s wrong with this statement? A lot.   ‘to choose from’ – puts us in the centre of action and power. Yes, God has given us the greatest power and freedom: the ability to choose – but when it comes to new life in Him, Jesus made it clear that it is a mystery because […]

What does it mean to honour God today?

First, a visual feast: haunting pictures of abandoned churches. {click on this} Most of these images show one thing: at one time, man built great edifices which shone with artistry as a way to honour God. Most of these buildings would also have cost a lot. The downside of this was many such churches often turned […]

Thoughts from reading Mark 1-4

My Bible reading at this point arrives at Mark. This short-action packed account of Jesus’s life is known for its high energy, high speed re-telling… which in most versions is found in the use of the word, “immediately”. Well, i am reading the New Jerusalem version.. and these are some of my thoughts as i […]

Clueless Christianity?

‘Clueless’ is for someone who misses the moment. fails to notice the connections, isn’t aware of the details. We laugh at such a person (secretly). But what if we are clueless in our faith where we… miss the moment, not make connections and ignore details? Clueless happens when we are going too fast, tired, distracted […]

New Revelations?

Perhaps it is the way our consumer society sets us up to keep expecting newer, better, faster. I find it creeps into our faith a lot. Christians everywhere seem almost desperate to find and grasp new ‘revelations’ that suddenly become the overriding meaning and truth. You have probably heard some of these:  Anointing Pauper Mentality […]