Clueless Christianity?

‘Clueless’ is for someone who misses the moment. fails to notice the connections, isn’t aware of the details. We laugh at such a person (secretly). But what if we are clueless in our faith where we… miss the moment, not make connections and ignore details? Clueless happens when we are going too fast, tired, distracted […]

New Revelations?

Perhaps it is the way our consumer society sets us up to keep expecting newer, better, faster. I find it creeps into our faith a lot. Christians everywhere seem almost desperate to find and grasp new ‘revelations’ that suddenly become the overriding meaning and truth. You have probably heard some of these:  Anointing Pauper Mentality […]

Preach the Gospel to the saved too!

I want to preach the Gospel in fresh, engaging, and impact-full ways regularly– to my converted flock. Why? Well, after being a pastor for more than fifteen years and a Christian for more than thirty, I realize I forget. We forget the glorious truths of Grace, forgiveness, freedom and Kingdom purposes. We forget the daily ways we […]

The Practices of Leadership

Have you noticed that people who are leaders (i.e. who command a following) come in different shapes and sizes? For example, Mother Teresa was a simple lady but commanded great influence. Obama has a charisma of communication and wields great influence. One of my church leaders is a quiet and godly man, but his colleagues […]

S-CHURCH (“Super-Church”)

When I was starting out as a pastor, I remember attending church-growth conferences which inspired me and filled me with dreams to build a great church, a church that would grow and storm the gates of hell—a “super-church”! (Pastors, remember those days?) Much of such dreams and inspiration are often used by God to motivate […]