Look up! Look up often!

Paul wrote to Timothy, his mentoree and spiritual son because the latter was facing some huge challenges, his health was weakening probably due to the stress; and both his personality and youth were liabilities it seemed at a time like this! If I was Timothy; I would wish Paul returned back quickly to set things […]

we need to get in the trenches!

Do we have any idea how easy it is to lose our way – in the thick of serving God no less. This post is being prompted by a few things: 1. my son is fascinated with all things army-like: the brotherhood, the tough stuff, the strain and the glory. It’s a guy’s dirty, glorious […]

The ‘5-fold gifts’ and maturity… something to ponder for growing in 2015

The 5-fold office, as they are described by some in Ephesians 4 offers us an important insight into Christian maturity. That is after all, the context in which they are mentioned: To prepare God’s people for works of service So that The boy of Christ may be built up Until we reach unity in the […]

From self-awareness to God-awareness: a huge difference indeed!

These are common things we hear: These is not my area of gifting I am not wired this way My strengths and weaknesses are…   These are also the common lines we use to decipher and decide what we do, where we serve; and how joyful we are in our circumstances. Self-awareness is very important.  […]

Thoughts from reading Luke 21: a discipleship paradigm perhaps?

Thoughts from reading Luke 21 Here is a record of contrasts. Jesus and the twelve arrived at the Temple in Jerusalem; and they notice very different things. Jesus straightaway sees an old widow’s generous gift and points it out to his disciples. The however are transfixed and start talking about the impressive temple architecture. They […]