From self-awareness to God-awareness: a huge difference indeed!

These are common things we hear: These is not my area of gifting I am not wired this way My strengths and weaknesses are…   These are also the common lines we use to decipher and decide what we do, where we serve; and how joyful we are in our circumstances. Self-awareness is very important.  […]

Thoughts from reading Luke 21: a discipleship paradigm perhaps?

Thoughts from reading Luke 21 Here is a record of contrasts. Jesus and the twelve arrived at the Temple in Jerusalem; and they notice very different things. Jesus straightaway sees an old widow’s generous gift and points it out to his disciples. The however are transfixed and start talking about the impressive temple architecture. They […]

Spirit-led Leadership: reflections from pew & pulpit no. 1

Starting with a broken heart I will never forget my first pastorate. The anticipation and apprehension imagined will never match the actual experience. Those who interviewed and assessed me had been convinced, as I was, about my calling. God had provided for what He called me towards. But I began with a broken heart. In […]

On Kingdom.Jubilee.Israel – some initial reflections

Thoughts on the Kingdom: a post Summit reflection More than 500 Singapore pastors, mission, and ministry leaders gathered at the annual Prayer Summit in January 2014. Our theme this year was “Jubilee!”. The focus of our teaching sessions was the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God. Looking at the movements of increasing emphasis on the Kingdom, […]

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Can a pastor fail? – and, why we must stand for each other. Based on the many promises we find, the clear answer is no. 1 Cor 15v58:  says our labour is not in vain. John 15:  for example speaks of our fruitfulness as being an organic process- and that our bearing fruit is a […]